Rooftop & Steeple Cell Site Lease Buyouts

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Earning additional money from your property is something that every owner is thinking about. The opportunity of leasing rooftops and steeples as cell sites is really great. In this way, a space which is not actually used is getting into the circuit of producing money. This can be a challenge for every landlord in the struggle to find decent carriers which will treat them with great respect. The whole process of leasing a rooftop is similar to that of a tower. The only problem is that a rooftop is a limited space so it needs to be harvested in the best way possible. There is the chance that you lease it to multiple carriers and have multiple income resources.

There are certain things which you need to take into consideration when you think about leasing your rooftop. It is best to evaluate them and to decide whether this is the best deal that you can get. Usually the carriers have the tendency of simply using the space to their heart’s content. You will need to make them accountable for everything that they do up there. Most of them want to install the equipment quickly and without much expense. This may lead to a hectic positioning which will prevent you from leasing the rooftop to other companies. You will need to set this problem before actually allowing them full access to the building.
Most carriers will demand certain utility and access requirements. Usually you will need to grant them access round the clock to the building. This may lead to some problems that should be clear from the very first start. In case you already have tenants, it might be a good idea to actually limit the access to decent hours or to announce the carrier that they should keep the noise as low as possible.