Rooftop and Steeple Cell Site Evaluation and Cell Site Audits

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When you own a building, it is clear that you want to maximize the profits you gain from it. Besides the income generated by tenants, many landlords consider leasing they rooftops and additional spaces to cell phone carriers. The success of a building consists in the position of it and if the carriers are interested in getting there. In order to find out whether your property is good to go, it is important that you meet certain criteria.

The building has to have phone service and electricity running. You will need to have both of these things because otherwise the carriers are not interested. The buildings with fiber inside will represent a bonus for being selected by the cell companies. The rooftop or steeple has to be quite elevated. Maybe you do not own the tallest building in your neighborhood, but the rooftop has to be tall enough in order to meet the cell needs. Compared to the buildings around you, your rooftop needs to be higher. In most cases, the carrier will select the highest building on the block.