Churches and Other Non-Profits Cell Sites and Cell Towers

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The statistics show that there is a shortage in cell sites and towers which are able to get full cell coverage in all the needed areas. Many people believe that there is no need for more cell towers, but this is totally wrong. The truth is that the wireless carriers seem to be in need of such spaces. With the growth in wireless users, it is clear that the demand of cell sites is increasing rapidly. The urban areas are the ones who are affected by this development. However, the difference is that the landowners and municipalities have changed their attitudes and the regulations seem to get tougher each time.

This whole change will lead to other places where the equipment can be placed. Therefore the church steeples seem to be quite an attractive place to locate the antennas. By using the existing high buildings, it is clear that the impact on the neighborhood look will be low. Usually churches are placed in regions where it is hard to build a new tower. This is why many churches are offered the chance to get the antennas on their towers and the cell site in their steeples. Installing the tower inside of a steeple seems to be quite expensive. But in many cases this is the only location which is suitable for this thing. This means that the church leaders need to negotiation from a really strong position as they have all the aces in their sleeves.