There are two important things you need to achieve whenever you decide to lease your property to a cell tower company – minimize obligation and maximize revenue at the same time. Aside from knowing the zoning requirements which you should complete, you also have to be aware of the Rates covering Cell Tower Leases in the area which are applicable to your property. Usually, these rates are dependent on the accessibility of the property, size, alternative use, and the limited range of natural barriers that could affect the function of the towers to be erected in the area.

It will be good for you to know that the range for monthly payments usually come in five to six digits. However, if you know what to do and whom to consult regarding recommendations on your rates and charges, you could earn more from what cell tower carriers can offer. Our job is for you to get the best fees out of your property without having to face bigger risks and responsibilities. Remember, cell tower carriers are aimed at reducing their costs. They would expect that most property owners would not know the ins and outs of the transaction and would just agree to what they would be given as revenue just because they are surprised of the opportunity to earn from an idle piece of land.

You are bound to make the most value out of your land and we are here to help you out regarding the right and just charges. Our firm was intricately designed to fight for your rights as landowners and close a fair deal for your leasing transactions with cell tower carriers. We provide free consultation for clients like you who would want to know more before signing contracts and agreements. Our vow is to offer the initial consultation service for free until the time that we are confident enough that you get the right value for your property.

We take pride of giving our clients a difference of thirty to fifty percent more in their earnings when they allow us to negotiate for them. We believe that there is more than just meager amount of money in every deal. As we work together, we shall maximize your potential income source and see to it that terms and conditions are coherent with state provisions and rules. If you want to know more of what we can do for you and how we can improve your revenues, take that chance to contact us and see how rewarding it is to work with us.