We realise how the world has become an arena of fraud and greed that we have come to be in the defense of people who were taken advantage of by cell tower carriers. We are a consulting firm established to provide recommendations and standards to our clients who do not yet have a full grasp of the cell tower lease industry. More and more people are coming our way each day to ask us about what they could do to take the best out of their property leases. Indeed, we take pride of that chance to help out those who have not yet been into this kind of trade and to allow landowners to earn much more than what they are being offered.

Right after the approval of the 1996 Telecommunications act, our company was established upon realizing that we need to help people in getting the best revenues and highest possible revenue as they lease out their piece of land to giant telecommunication companies. We have successfully allowed our clients to achieve the fair rates without the daunting responsibilities and scary risks entailed with the leasing transactions. Practically, we have aided a lot of clients in almost all fifty states, in Hawaii and Alaska. As years passed, our services have been the word of mouth of satisfied organizations and landowners.

We take pride, even more, of our lease experts like David Espinosa, who work in our behalf. Our manpower is honed and skilled in closing great deals and coming up with agreements that uphold the protection and rights of our customers. They are tasked to educate and inform those who have meager amount of knowledge in the industry. We fight for them even more as we recognize further the existence of new companies trying to lure our clients to venture into cell tower lease buyouts. We deem it necessary for our valued consumers to be warned of the instances of fraud and profitability among cell tower carriers as landowners are being threatened with contract termination and other unnecessary details.

With the world becoming more and more complex each day and with numerous promises that are being offered by selfish organizations and individuals, we are bound to stand firm to keep our vow and help landowners make the most out of their assets. We offer initial consultations for free as we establish an ideal partnership with each other. We look forward to working with you in the future to preserve your property and for you to savor the benefits of having a piece of land under your precious names.